The term chromatography, which literally means “to write with color”, was first introduced in the early 1900s to describe its use in separating plant pigments. In chromatography, molecules are separated by dissolving a mixture in a mobile phase (e.g., buffer) and passing it through a stationary phase (e.g., chromatography beads).

MicroAnalytix provieds a variety of Chromatography products ranging from Caps & Septan,Certified Vial Kits to HPLC Columns as below 

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Container f. vials N8/N9/N10/N11, 81 pos 702514

81 position container blue, with integrated divider for screw neck vials N 8, N 9, N 10 and crimp neck as well as snap ring vials N 11; outer length 130 mm, outer width 130 mm, outer height 45 mm, coded, with transparent lid (suitable for freezers)

High temperature septa N 9 HT 702619

High temperature septa (HT) 9 mm

Insert Wide O-0.2, C, 6x31, Con. 15mm 702813

Insert for vials with wide opening, clear, conical, 15 mm tip 0.2 mL 6 x 31 mm

Insert Wide O-0.25, C, 6x31, Con. 12mm 702716

Insert for vials with wide opening, clear, conical, 12 mm tip 0.25 mL 6 x 31 mm

Insert Wide O-0.3, C, 6x31, Flat 702825

Insert for vials with wide opening, clear, flat bottom 0.3 mL 6 x 31 mm

PE-Cap N20-DIN-H, tr 70267

N 20 PE cap, transparent, for flat DIN crimp neck N 20, center hole 4.3 mm, height 9.1 mm no liner

SC N9-H, r, PTFEr/Sil w/PTFEr, 50°, 1.0 702084

N 9 PP screw cap, red, center hole PTFE red / Silicone white / PTFE red 50° shore A 1.0 mm

SC N9-H, yw, Sil w/PTFE r, 45°, 1.0 702107

N 9 PP screw cap, yellow, center hole Silicone white / PTFE red 45° shore A 1.0 mm