We aim to serve the pharmaceutical, public health, food and beverage, health care, life sciences and electronics industries with high quality products for separation science. Our product range includes membrane filters, prefiltration media, glass fiber and cellulose filters, qualitative and quantitative filter papers, specialty test papers, and an extensive range of filter holders in stainless steel, plastic, and glass for laboratory and process applications.

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Glass fiber filter GS 25 25mm

Glass fiber filter GS grade 25mm

Quartz filter Gr 100 25mm QR100 25mm

Quartz fiber filter, 25mm Grade 100, no binder, box 100

25mm CA syringe filter, 0.45um 25CS045AS

25mm Cellulose Acetate, sterile, syringe filter, 0.45um

Chrom Paper No.151B 20x20


Filtration Equipment KS-47 Inline SS Holder 19307720

47mm Stainless Steel inline holders, with 1/4" (9.5mm)hose barb fitting